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Thank You for Choosing This Reality

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What is the Hanuman Project all about?


The Hanuman Project are igniting hearts, opening voices and shaking dance floors… 

Is it concert? Is it a kirtan? Is it a ceremony? The Hanuman Project are breaking down convention and sweeping everyone up together in an ecstatic devotional harmony.

in the midst of a world transforming, we bring forth a celebratory space of devotion, healing & connection. Drawing on a lifetimes deep reverence for music, the songs & mantras soar on a foundation of deep grooves and beats.

The Hanuman Project is an ecstatic bridge between traditional  lineages of Bhakti yoga to a meaningful, authentic and contemporary experience.


Potent in creating fields of deep coherence and deliciousness at festivals, gatherings and retreats… And often instrumental in creating a environment for participants to truly open up, offer their full voices, heart and souls to the practice for the very first time… 

For those who have experienced no explanation is required, and for those yet to experience perhaps none is possible…

We seek to embody what it looks, feels and sounds like when we have the courage to follow our hearts and embrace dharma… breaking down the walls of performer and audience and lighting the spark of divine purpose in every heart. Embracing sincerity, playfulness and vulnerability, we are real people truly doing our best and showing up wherever we can to encourage others to shine their brightest.

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